The fixed partial dentures known as Bridge and crown is a kind of a denture which is gummed to the teeth after preparing in the lab by shaping (cutting and minimising) the supported teeth in the case of several teeth defiency in the mouth. It is more adaptable for patients than any other removable dentures but there are some pre-conditions so that it could be executed. Cleaning this type of denture is very important with regard to be long-lived. Especially the gingival side of the supported teeth of denture must be brushed very well. Following the preparation the teeth and measuring the sizes, the operation ends after 3 or 4 séances in just 1 week. There are lots varieties of dentures as ceramic with metal support (porcelain), ceramic without metal (porcelain), porcelain laminate. The most appropriate solution for your mouth will be determined by your doctor.

What is the crown and bridge?

Crown; It is an operation that the tooth which is decay, broken or excessively has a loss of materials because of any reason will be minimized and covered. Starting a movement by neighbour teeth through this space when loss of teeth occurs because of any reason. So in the side teeth, it appears the gingival problems, loss of tooth dependent on rolling this space, relapsing the aesthetic and variances about the force of bite. There could be loss at the neighbour teeth too unless this space is not restored by a bridge or implant for a long period.

Metal Supported Crown and Bridges:

It can be used the precious metals alloys ‘‘au’’ or standard metals ”ni-co” as infrastructure .The gold is one of the most precious material which is the most compatible with the teeth and gingiva comparing the other materials which is used in dentistry. That’s the reason why healthier and more aesthetic results can be obtained with the executed applications by using the precious metals.

Full Porcelain Crowns without Metal Support

It is made of reinforced porcelain. Although there are many factors which affect the image of crowns, the most important one is their reaction against the light.Naturel teeth transmit the light. As a consequence it appears the depth and vitality in the teeth. Because of the light transmission feature of the full porcelain crowns without metal support, their depth and vitality is more than the others, so the closest results to natural tooth can be obtained.

IPS Bridges without Metal Support

It is procured by jamming the reinforced porcelain with special machine. Especially it is preferred since transmission of the light is very well at anterior teeth. It is not enough durable against the chewing forces for back zone.

The Bridges made of Zirconia with no Metal Support

The Zirconia alloy which has a white colour is used in this system instead of metal as a substructure. The most important advantage of this system is to provide an aesthetical image for the bridges at back party of the jaw.