Full Mouth Dental Implants Application in Turkey

In our clinic located in İzmir, Turkey, we apply a minimum of 8-6 implants to the upper jaw and a minimum of 6 implants to the lower jaw in full mouth dental implants treatments. So, the minimum number of full mouth dental implant treatments is 12 or 14.

Full set of dental implant treatment is a premium treatment. However, it provides great comfort to the patient and an increase in the standard of living. Therefore, the package deals and cost of full mouth dental implants in Turkey are a little high due to the high number of implants.

We tell our patients who apply to us for a few missing teeth or for full set of dental implants in Turkey, to use antibiotics when necessary 3 days before coming to Turkey. Because in some cases, there may be infection in the teeth that need to be extracted, even if it is small scale. Therefore, with the use of antibiotics, we ensure that our patient has a more comfortable implant operation and post-operative period.

When our patients come to our clinic in İzmir, Turkey for full set of dental implants, we first perform a detailed examination with panoramic x-ray and oral examination. Then, our doctors create a treatment plan based on panoramic x-ray and examination. Afterwards, we perform the implant surgery process.

The Most Important Process

The real important process starts after the full mouth dental implants surgery in Turkey. Because this process is a process that directly affects the success of the operation. Our patients should use the drugs we give very carefully during this process. In addition, our patients should pay attention to the use of antibiotics at the same times twice a day. It is also important to use painkillers.

In addition, mouthwash is a very important issue. We tell our patients not to eat or drink anything for 1 hour after gargling. Because we want to use the antiseptic feature of mouthwash. The mouthwash contains chlorhexidine gluconate. Chlorhexidine gluconate substance prevents bacteria that cause gum disease in the mouth. Therefore, it is very important to use mouthwash during this period.

So why are we waiting for a while for fixed teeth on implants?

In Turkey, there are waiting periods of 2-4 months both after full mouth dental implants treatment and in the treatment of a few missing teeth. We consider this process as the most important process of implant treatments. Because this process is a process that includes the fusion of the implant to the jawbone and affects the success of the treatment.

In fact, although the dental implant is a very advanced screw system, the attachment mechanism of the implant to the bone is different from the attachment mechanism of a normal screw to wood. Therefore, the dental implant does not stay in the jaw by being supported by the friction force.

What’s Next

After we put the implant in the jawbone, osteoblast cells “bone-forming cells” begin to surround the implant. Therefore, new bone tissue is formed around the implant. As a result, a bone connection occurs with the implant, which we call a micro-mechanical connection. In other words, the implant and the bone are fused together. We also call this “Osteo-Integration”.

After this period of osteo-integration, let’s say we wanted to remove the implant. In normal screw understanding, you can remove it by reversing a screw. However, we cannot remove the implant by reversing it. Because the implant and the bone are integrated. Therefore, in order to remove that implant, we need to cut and remove the healthy bone tissue around the implant.

So, dental implant planning is one of the most important stages. Placing the implant at the right angle and making the right number of implants are among the most important issues.

Full Mouth Dental Implants Turkey Package Deals

There are 3 factors that determine the full mouth dental implant package deals of our clinic in İzmir, Turkey. The first of these is the number of implants. Second one is the brand of the implant. Finally, the bone graft or sinus lift procedures that we will apply during the operation affect our full mouth dental implant package deals in Turkey.

We can apply a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 14-16 implants from full set of dental implants treatments in Turkey. Therefore, our full mouth dental implants package deals in Turkey will decrease or increase according to the number of implants. In addition, the implant brand you choose will increase and decrease our full mouth dental implants package deals and cost in Turkey.

How Much Does a Full set of Teeth Implants Cost in Turkey?

If we apply 12 dental implants, our full mouth dental implants Turkey package deals range from £5160 to £7800.

However, if we apply 14 implants, our full mouth dental implants Turkey package deals will vary between £6020 and £9100 depending on the brand difference.

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